We are very happy to present our new collaboration with Mariehem SK and Umeå Football Festival. In its operations, Mariehem SK wants to be an association that engages and creates belonging. We are inspired by their values and social responsibility that contribute to participation, respect and promote good health. Together, we are now taking a joint step into the future through sustainable societal development.

  - We are extremely proud to be able to present this collaboration with Mariehem SK and Umeå Football Festival, which is an important hub for youth football in Umeå and for the rest of Norrland. This is a great opportunity for us to reach future Porsche enthusiasts over the next three years who want to be part of the journey towards fossil-free car ownership and a sustainable interest in engines, says Johan Kriström, CEO of Porsche Center Umeå.

  - As a Presenting Partner, we get the opportunity to sow a seed for future motorsport and motorsport interest among many young people and at the same time show off the sports cars of the future that Porsche's broad model range offers. During some intense summer days, we reach not only Norrland, but also nationally as well as internationally.

  - We want to be a creative force in society by supporting local associations. Through Porsche Center Umeå Arena, we can be an active participant in building a society where young people, regardless of origin or social and cultural conditions, have the opportunity to create new contact surfaces, develop as people and thus contribute to sustainable society.

  - We are extremely happy, proud and excited to be able to present Porsche Center Umeå as a new partner. It feels particularly gratifying because it is a locally based company where owners and management have the heart of the association both as active and leaders. The agreement is unique for both the association and the company and is the start of a long-term collaboration between the parties, says Peter Hugosson Wallgren, club manager in Mariehem SK.