Age Groups:

  • BOYS : B8, B9, B10, B11T (competition), B11F (friendly), B12T  (competition) ), B12F (friendly), B13, B14, B15, B16 
  • GIRLS : G8, G9, G10, G11T  (competition) , G11F (friendly), G12T  (competition) , G12F (friendly), G13, G14, G15/16, G17/18 
  • Parasport Trophy 
  • Seniorklass mixed

  • B8-G9 and G8-G9 plays (5-a-side)
  • B10-B12 and G10-G12 plays (7-a-side)
  • B13-B14 and G13-G14 plays (9-a-side)
  • B15-B16 and G15-G17/18 plays (11-a side)
  • Seniorclass plays (7-a-side)
  • Parasport Trophy (Disabled) plays ( 7-a-side)

About UFF:

  • In classes B8-B12 and G8-G12 guarantees six matches - no playoffs
  • A + B playoffs from ageclass 13 years - all guaranteed at least four games.
    NEW for 2024 is competion classes in B11T, B12T, G11T, G12T.
  • Festival center on Nydala with 12 natural grass fields and direct proximity to the camping and go swimming
  • All games are being played on Umeås finest playing fields
  • Disco for all participants of the festival on Friday and Saturday (Depending on if its possible)
  • Bus transportation between accommodation schools and playing fields
  • Opening ceremony in the centre of Umeå (Depending on if its possible)
  • Special offers for festival participants