The tournament is played according to the Swedish Football Association's rules and competition regulations with the following additions and exceptions:

§ 1. Number of players
6 outfielders, goalkeeper and free number of substitutes. 

§ 2. Representation
Players may not participate in more than one team in the same class. 

§ 3. Playing time
Group play = 2 x 15 minutes
A- and B-finals = 2 x 20 minutes.
Short break between halves. 

§ 4. Elimination matches
Where a decision must be made In the event of a tie, the match is decided with penalty kicks. First five penalties per team. Then, if necessary, one penalty per team until a decision is made. Different penalty takers until all players added their penalty. Any differences in the number of players between the teams are set off before the penalty shootout so that the same number of players from both teams impose penalties. In the matches that are decided by penalty kicks, all players who have participated in the match may pay penalties, ie also substitutes who were not on the field at the end of the match. Before and during the penalty shootout, it is allowed to change goalkeeper.

§ 5. Warning and expulsion
A player may receive a yellow card for a foul on the pitch. Two yellow cards automatically lead to a red card and expulsion. Serious misconduct can lead to a red card immediately.
Warnings do not accumulate. Expelled players are automatically suspended in the team's next match in the same competition class unless the competition jury decides on an extended suspension. The responsible leader contacts the competition jury for information.
NOTE! Players who participate in a match where he / she is suspended are considered unauthorized and the team loses the match 0-3.

§ 6. Equipment
The team must have uniform attire with a clear figure on the back. The goalkeeper must have a different shirt color from the outside players in his team. The captain shall wear the captain's bandage. Protection on the body (knee protection etc) must not be provided with any material that can injure / opponent. Football leg protection is mandatory.

§ 7. Material
Ball size 5. Goals are the usual 7-a side goals. Match balls are provided by the organizer. Each team is responsible for the warm-up balls.

§ 8. Scoring
3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. Should several teams end up with the same score in the group, the following applies: 1) Goal difference. 2) Number of goals scored. 3) Mutual meeting. 4) Draw.

§ 9. Walk Over
Teams that do not show up within 5 minutes after the scheduled playing time lose the match. The opponent is awarded 3 points and 3-0. Should both teams miss, both teams are declared losers 0-3 and no points are awarded. Teams leaving W.O. without particularly strong reasons, a penalty fee of SEK 500 / match will be charged.

§ 10. Protests
Protests are submitted in writing to the competition management at the festival office at Nydalafältet no later than 60 minutes after the match played. A protest fee of SEK 500 must be paid in connection with the submission of the protest. The fee will be refunded if the protest is approved. Please note that according to FIFA's rule 5, it is not possible to protest against referees' decisions in facts concerning the match.

§ 11. Competition jury
Consists of representatives from the organizing association and Södra Västerbotten's Judges Club. Its decision can not be appealed.

NOTE! Match result
To ensure the correct match result for all matches, a responsible leader from each team must immediately after the end of the match check the referee's match report and approve the result by signing the match report.
Award ceremony Prize giving takes place immediately after the match.

To get information about the Swedish Football Association's competition rules - try the Swedish Football Association's website