Welcome to the opening ceremony of Umeå Football Festival 2024!
We welcome players, leaders and supporters to Skeppsbron. Everyone who wants to be involved - because that is how sport should be!

Together with our partner Tiljan, we repeat the success of recent years with inauguration in central Umeå. This happens on Thursday evening on July 25th.

All teams gather at 19:15-19:30 at Skeppsbron (see map).

Please bring your own association flag / team sign.

Buses to the opening ceremony goes from the busstops at Ersängsskolan and Bräntbergsskolan and back afterwards. NOTE: no buses drive into the schools, they only stop at our bus stops. For those of you living at Mariehemsskolan and Mariebergsskolan take a short walk to Bräntbergsskolans bus stop.

You who live at the Hagaskolan (about 20 minutes) and Maja Beskowgymnasiet (about 20 minutes) take a nice walk so that you are in place well in advance.

NOTE! For those of you who go by bus to the opening ceremony, it is important to go in good time, as there are many teams who want to go and there is limited space on each bus.

Program for the opening ceremony


All participation teams get ready for the march
Location: Skeppsbron. Please take your own teamsign/clubflag with you!!


The march starts. Participation teams walks through the city with nationsflags and clubsigns.

Ca 20:00

- The player oath. One player from each participating country read the player oath in their own language.
- Opening speech
- Consert with  secret artist!

Ca 21:00

Buses starts driving back to accomodation schools
If you live nearby city, we suggest you take a nice walk back in the midnightsun!

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