Tournament information 2017

Group stage
Classes B13-B16 and G13-G17 is being played in groups with four teams. Depending on the number of teams in each class some groups may contain five teams. All teams face each other.

A- and B-playoffs
The winner and the runner up in each group goes through to the A-playoffs while the third and fourth place finisher in each group plays the B-playoffs. Depending on the number of teams, it is possible that even a third place finisher will be in the A-playoffs. A match for third place is being played in classes B13-B16 and G13-G17.

Senior class
Same as above, but no match for third place.

Game days
The group stage is being played on Thursday and Friday and the playoffs on Saturday and Sunday. Senior class is decided on Friday and Saturday.
Parasport Trophy is being played on Friday and Saturday with the finals on Sunday.

Classes B8-B12 and G8-G12
These teams are divided into bigger groups with at least seven teams and will play six games against teams from their own group. In case the group contains more than seven teams six oppenents will be drawn randomly within the group. If a certain class contains less than seven teams all teams will play against the same opponent multiple times.

Number of matcher
In classes B8-B12 and G8-G12 all teams will play six games. In classes B13-B16 and G13-G17 plus Seniorclass and Parasport Trophy all teams are guaranteed at least four games.

Umeå Fotbollsfestival is sanctioned by Västerbottens Fotbollförbund and Svenska Fotbollförbundet (Swedish Football Association).