Competition regulations 2018

§ 1. Rules
The tournament is being played according to the Swedish Football Association's rules and regulations with the following additions and exceptions. Please note that we are using the new regulations from the Swedish Football Association with no winners in age groups 8-12. New for this year is that B 13 and G 13 play 9-manna.

§ 2. Age groups
Boys: B8, B9, B10, B1 1, B12, B13, B14, B15, B16
Girls: G8, G9, G10, G11, G12, G13, G14, G15, G17
Parasport Trophy
Senior class

§ 3. Number of players
11-a-side: 10 players + goalkeeper, unlimited number of substitutes
9-a-side: 8 players + goalkeeper, unlimited number of substitutes (B 13 and G 13)
7-a-side: 6 players + goalkeeper, unlimited number of substitutes
5-a-side: 4 players + goalkeeper, unlimited number of substitutes

In age groups 8-12 all players available for a match should play.

§ 4. Representation
Players are not allowed to participate in more than one team in the same age group. However, it is permissible for players to represent more than one team if this is in a different age group. If so, the player must be mentioned in the list of participants for each team. Girls may play in both girls’ classes and boys’ classes.

§ 5. Combined teams
5.1 Combined teams approved by the home districts and those who have been approved by Umeå Fotbollsfestival are allowed to play in Umeå Fotbollsfestival. All players must be able to show identification.
5.2 In cases where foreign teams applies the rule of 1st of August (US and UK), the organizer has the right to decide which class the teams should belong according to the decision of the Football Association of Västerbotten.

§ 6. Exemptions
6.1 For the classes playing 11-a-side two general exemptions are being given for two players per match, as long as they are not more than one year older.
6.2 For the classes playing 7-a-side a general exemption are being given for one players per match, as long as the player is not more than one year older.
6.3 There are no limit in the number of exemptions a team can have as long as the rules above are followed. If a team does not follow these rules the match in question will be considered a 0-3 loss for the team.
6.4 11-a-side teams which have more than two (2) overaged players in their team, and 7-a-side teams with more than one (1) overaged player, need to hand in a line-up before every game marking the overaged players playing the match. These are given to the responsible for the playing field.
6.5 Particular circumstances could lead to exemptions being made by the competition management for players more than one year older.

§ 7. Match times
11-a-side: 2 x 20 minutes in group stages and play offs. 2 x 25 minutes in A- and B-finals.
9-a-side: 2 x 20 minutes in group play and play offs. 2 x 25 minutes in A- and B-finals.
7-a-side: 2 x 15 minutes (no tables and no play offs).
5-a-side: 2 x 15 minutes (no tables and no play offs).

§ 8. Table
3 points for victory, 1 point for draw and 0 points for loss. If multiple teams have the same amount of points they are separated through the following rules: 1) Goal difference. 2) Goals scored 3) Head-to-head. 4) Coin toss.

§ 9. Play-off matches
Age groups: B13, B14, B15, B 16, G13, G14, G15, G17, Senior, Parasport Trophy
If a playoff match ends in a draw the winner will be concluded through penalties. Five penalties per team. If needed, sudden death penalties are used. Different penalty takers until everyone has taken one penalty.
Every participant, including substitutes, of the match are allowed to take penalties. Before and during the penalty shoot-out the teams are allowed to substitute the goal keeper.

§ 10. Offside
Only in 11-a-side.

§ 11A. General rules in 5-a-side
Throw in: The goalkeeper starts the game by rolling out the ball. No kicks or launchers are allowed. After a dead ball, the ball must leave the penalty area before the ball is considered to be in play.

Backing to the goalkeeper: It is allowed for the goalkeeper to take back his own team back with his hands.

Starting of the game: In 5-a-side there is no throw-in, but the ball is laid on the sidelines and played through a match after the ground.

Retreat Rule: The defending team returns back to their own half, so the opponents can start the game.

Corners: Beats from the corner flag.

Goal Shows: Not applicable in 5-a-side.

Offside: Not applicable in 5-a-side.

In age groups B8-B12 and G8-G12 the teams are divided into bigger groups of at least 7 teams with every team playing 6 matches. The results are noted but no tables are calculated and there is no play-off.

§ 11B. General rules in 7-a-side

Throw in: If a player fails in a technically incorrect way, the same player will be given the opportunity to re-enter after the referee issued a shorter instruction.

Goal kick: The goalkeeper starts the game by throwing or kicking the ball. After a dead ball, the ball must leave the penalty area before the ball is considered to be in play. However, the ball must not pass the center line without first touching a fellow or opponent or the ball bouncing on its own half. If the ball reaches the center line without bouncing or touching any player, the free kick will be awarded.

Corner: Beats from the corner flag.

Backing to the goalkeeper: It is allowed for the goalkeeper to take back his own team back with his hands.

Goal Shows: Not applicable in 7-a-side.

Offside: Not applicable in 7-a-side.

In classes B10-B11 and G10-G11 the team is divided into larger groups of at least seven teams and all teams are guaranteed six matches. The results are noted, but there are no tables and there is no playoff.

§ 12. Walk Over
Team not notified of any delay to the competition and not received no later than 5 minutes after the delayed playing time loses the match. Opponents are awarded 3 points and 3-0. Should both teams fail, both teams will be declared loser by 0-3 and no points will be awarded. Teams leaving Walk Over without exceptionally strong reasons are charged a penalty of 500 SEK / match.

§ 13. Protests
Protests are submitted in writing to the competition at the festival office at the Nydal field no later than 60 minutes after the match played. A protest fee of SEK 500 will be paid in connection with the submission of the protest. The fee will be refunded if the protest is approved. Note that according to FIFA Rule 5, it is not possible to protest against judges decision in facts relating to the match.

§ 14. Warnings
Warnings do not accumulat.

§ 15. Expulsion
Dismissed players will automatically be deactivated in the team's next match of the same age class unless the competition jury decides on extended suspension. Responsible leader contacting the competition jury for message.
NOTE! Players participating in a match where he/she is turned off is considered unauthorized and the team loses the match by 0-3.

§ 16. Competition Jury
Consists of representatives from the organizers' association and Södra Västerbotten Domarklubb. Its decision can not be appealed.

§ 17. Equipment
Shin pads are obligatory. Rings, necklaces and watches should be removed before gaming is allowed. Vests is provided by the organizer.

§ 18. Dressing rooms
Dressing and shower are done at schools and at home.

§ 19. Balls and sizes
The organizer only provides match balls.
Ball size 3 in B8, B9, G8, G9
Ball size 4 in B10, B11, B12, B13, G10, G11, G12, G13
Ball size 5 in B14, B15, B16, G14, G15, G17, Senior class, and Parasport Trophy.

§ 20. Awards
Medals for the three top teams of the A-finals and the final team in the B-playoffs. Cups to final team in A-playoffs. Medals to classes B10, B11, G10, G11. Medals and diploma to classes B8, B9, G8, G9.

§ 21. Award ceremony
Award ceremony takes place immediately after the match ends. Some waiting times may occur when multiple finals are played at the same time.

§ 22. Insurance and liability
The leaders in each team are responsible for ensuring that all participants are insured both on and off the field. Umeå Football Festival has no collective insurance covering damages, illnesses, theft or damage.

In the event of unfriendly weather or other unforeseen event that causes the tournament to not be completed, no fees will be refunded.

NOTE! In order to ensure the correct match results for all matches, a responsible leader from each team immediately after the match finishes will check the card and approve the result by signing this.