Transports and transfer 2020

Travel to/from Umeå
Visit the Umeå Region Tourist Guide's website for travel information:

For those of you that arrive by train, bus, plane or ferry and don't have a way of getting to/from the festival, we can arrange transfer to/from your accommodation school for a cheap price:

Umeå Airport — 50 SEK/person
Holmsund (Harbour) — 50 SEK/person
Railway station / Bus station(Umeå C) — 35 SEK/person

Prices for one-way-trip.

You can reserv the transfers by logging in to your registration and clicking "Book accommodation/other".

Festival buses
Participants in teams staying at school (with a participant wristband) travel with our festival buses for free! Buses will take you from the accommodation to the playing fields, opening ceremony and disco.