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Gimonäs Umeå IF

Medals 2019:
(Slutspel A)
Medals 2019:
(Slutspel B)
Gimonäs Umeå IF was one of 67 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Umeå Fotbollsfestival 2019. They participated with 21 teams in 12 out of Umeå Fotbollsfestivals all 20 categories. Two teams played until Bronze match in Slutspel A; Boys 13 UPAB CUP United lost against Soccer Barcelona Youth Academy by 0-1 and Boys 15 UMEÅ BUSS CUP P15 lost against Tegs SK by 1-2.

Gimonäs Umeå originates from Umeå, which is the same city as where Umeå Fotbollsfestival takes place. The area around Umeå does also provide 26 additional clubs participating during Umeå Fotbollsfestival 2019 (Among others: Umeå Södra DFF, Umedalens IF, Sävar IK, Ersmarks IK/HTF, Röbäcks IF, Obbola IK, Täfteå IK, Sandviks IK, Teg Södra Umeå FF and Mariehem SK).

118 games played


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